HOA, quartets attend HEP School - Wow!

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Posted By: John Braden
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Date Posted: Sat, Mar 9 2024
By President Mike Schumacher
First, Wow and WOW -- fun, inspiring and great fellowship -- at the Central States District Harmony Education Program School Feb. 24 at Shawnee Presbyterian Church in Shawnee, Kan.

Heart of America Chorus members touched some hearts, including our own, and learned to take individual ownership for our singing. Think about who you're singing to or about, to make it more meaningful to the audience and the singer.

We learned about using smaller mouths/vowels (to help bring the sound forward and unify the sound) and projecting the sound beyond the director, by imagining the sound wall going to the back of the room/theater.

Who knew -- or, more accurately, remembered -- that the bari's job is to be the "Anti-Lead" (something Kevin Keller told us a few years back). The other bit to really remember is the basses need to sing like leads! Leads and tenors have to concentrate on the intervals and keeping the sound forward.

"I Die" needs to have a "ta-da" feeling. And "When" starts with an "oo" -- and the "oo" has the same pitch as the rest of the word. 

I was incredibly proud of the effort that everyone gave when we worked with coaches Matt Webber and Sandy Wright. Everyone has (or should have) a few things they took home from our coaching and I hope we all work on those things to make HOA even better.

Chapter quartet KC Common and Very Large Quartet Homeward Bound had a lot of fun and received lots of instruction as well from their coaches, Bobby Gray, Susan Ives, Kevin Keller and Paul Olguin.

Remember that the tickets for our April 6 annual show -- WHOA's All Stars Super Hit Survey! -- are now available on the HOA website, hoachorus.com. I have Afterglow tickets for sale as well at $15 each. This show will be incredible!