Let's share our experiences with more guys singing

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Posted By: John Braden
Status: Current
Date Posted: Sun, Jan 14 2024
By President Mike Schumacher
We all have lives outside the barbershop realm. But there are guys who have made time to make sure the Kansas City Chapter functions and functions very well. I know we try our very best and will continue to do so.

We will strive to find new opportunities to involve the chorus in new ways to reach out to our surrounding communities. And hopefully keep building the membership. Why? Not just because I want a bigger chorus, but because I want more guys to have the experiences we all have singing for others -- in shows, in flash mobs, visiting senior centers and more.

It’s a continuing opportunity to learn. Carter and the Music Team have some great ideas for this year and some wonderful learning opportunities ahead of us. WE have to do our part!!

My mother was a singer under contract to sing in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre when she met my dad in 1941. And years later (I was about 13), I remember standing next to the organ in our living room when she tried to teach me to be a better singer but I was too pig-headed to listen. So, my New Year’s resolution: I promise to learn as much as I can, every chance I get, to be a better leader and a better singer.

I expect to have and will work toward a great new year and I know the board will, too. And, I hope YOU will, too.

Chapter members voted these guys to serve on the HOA Board this year: Steve Keisker, operations; Don Fuson, chapter development; Chris Walker, public relations; Jerry Meier, program; John Braden, music & performance; Tom Hadley, secretary; Harvey Shapiro, treasurer. I thank them for agreeing to serve. This year we have Danny Anderson as our executive VP and he will be working closely with the chapter at large board members -- Kerry Rawlins, Marlin Weidler, Vince Perry IV and Tony O’Brien -- as the eyes and ears of the entire chapter.

All these guys need your help. They will be instructed to reach out to all of the members to join in the activities that they have to accomplish. I truly hope you say yes when you’re asked to help. Why? Because this is your chapter, your chorus as much as it is ours.

In closing I want to present something I have saved for several years and read to myself quite often. I don’t know who wrote it, but it had to be a teacher, and I think it is appropriate for all of us:

Why music?

Music is science, music is math, music is a foreign language, music is history, music is physical education. It develops insight, it demands research, it demands practice. But most of all, music is art!

Music is spoken around the world. Music is therapeutic.

That’s why we teach music. Not because we expect you to major in music, not because we expect you to play or sing all your life. (But you can!) But, so you will be human, so you will recognize beauty, so you will have something to cling to. So you will have more love, more compassion, more gentleness, more good.

In short, music gives you more life!