Big Schu Mob takes over at 2023 HOA Installation Banquet

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Posted By: John Braden
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Date Posted: Wed, Jan 11 2023
"Hanging Judge" the Hon. John Erwine and Bailiff Martin Oldehoeft officiated in the indictment and installation of President Mike Schumacher and the Big Schu Mob as Board of Directors at the Heart of America Chorus Installation and Awards Banquet, Jan. 7, 2023, at RC's Restaurant in Martin City.

A jury of 45 Kansas City Chapter members and family put down their fried chicken long enough to shout "guilty" for the inauguration of:

President Mike Schumacher
Immediate Past President Charles Ramirez
Secretary Tom Hadley
Treasurer Harvey Shapiro
Executive VP Rick Foreman
Marketing VP Ted Simon
Chapter Development VP Don Fuson
Music & Performance VP Bob Velazquez
Operations VP Steve Keisker
Program VP Jerry Meier
Members at Large Danny Anderson, Vince Perry IV, Tom Riedel, Marlin Weidler.

The group ate RC's (World Famous) fried chicken and mashed potatoes family style and enjoyed the program lined up by Program VP Jerry Meier.

HOA Director Carter Combs said the chapter is getting back its balance of rehearsals and performances, post-COVID, and a balance of a "circle of life, circle of friends," with the deaths of eight chapter members this year and the welcoming of eight new members. President Mike Schumacher said he has two goals for the coming year: communication, in which the chapter "blows its own horn," and participation, in which every member finds a way to help the chapter grow.

Swing Shift "B," for baritone Bob Velazquez, performed "Crazy Words, Crazy Tune" and Swing Shift "C," for bari Charlie Hill, debuted "Hey, Good Lookin'."

John Braden acknowledged the passing of the eight HOA members who joined the "Chapter Eternal" in 2022: Brian Seydlitz, Fred Whisman, Dale Neuman, Ron McIntire, Dick Korek, Bruce Wenner, Harry Stewart and Jim Porter.

Don Fuson was named the 2022 Barbershopper of the Year, while Dave Hokanson was named winner of the Oz Newgard Award for outstanding musical service to the chapter and Rick Foreman received the John Cross Award for best attendance and willingness to take on unwanted jobs.

Photos by Rich Huyck
Front row: installing "Bailiff" Martin Oldehoeft and "Judge" John Erwine. The new board, left to right: Board Member Marlin Weidler, President Mike Schumacher, Immediate Past President Charles Ramirez, Executive VP Rick Foreman, Operations VP Steve Keisker, Treasurer Harvey Shapiro, Program VP Jerry Meier, Marketing VP Ted Simon, Board Member Tom Riedel, Board Member Vince Perry IV, Music and Performance VP Bob Velazquez, Secretary Tom Hadley, Chapter Development VP Don Fuson and Board Member Danny Anderson.