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Singing Valentine Hotline, how may I help you?

What will you get? A barbershop quartet (4 men or 4 women, your choice) will go to place you designate and sing a couple of love songs to your special someone and present him/her a box of Chocolates, a Rose & a Valentines Card.

The cost is $50, $75 or $95 depending on the delivery time frame you choose. Available Friday Feb 12 8AM to 8PM and Sunday Feb 14 noon to 8PM.

(If the person wants a day other than  Feb 12th or 14th, then instruct the person to call the SV Hotline for assistance.)

(Note: Box of Chocolates is 4.75oz Russell Stovers, fresh red rose is from Flowerama)

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$50 - Delivered in any 8-hr window

$75 - Del. in any 2-hr window

$95 - Special Delivery in any 1-hr window








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4 Guys         4 Gals    No preference

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  Friday  Feb 12th (8AM to 8PM)  Sunday  Feb 14th (Noon to 8PM)



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Singing Valentine Add-ons (if requested only)  
Additional Candy, Rose & Card Set(s)              $5 per set


Would you like to make a direct (100%) contribution to Children's Mercy Hospital?
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